International Award-Winning Conjuror

Philosophical Illusion can now be explored in a unique and interactive Zoom event

“If there’s any magician today who can be compared to the spellbinding Eisenheim in the film “The Illusionist,” it’s James David Parker. As with Eisenheim, there’s something otherworldly and Victorian about James, as if he’s still in touch with the timeless mysteries that others have forgotten about. And like Eisenheim, James blends magic with metaphysics, illuminating it all with a profoundly moral vision.”

Dr Greg Goode, internationally recognised and certified philosophical practitioner, world renowned author on western and eastern philosophy, and a student of the mysterious arts. 

James David Parker apprenticed in philosophy and the conjuring arts from a young age, always asking the big questions about life and embarking on his own journey of discovery. He then travelled onward to meet a long list of thought-leaders where he studied with them and was imbued with the depth of insights. He is well known for his demonstration of “The Philosophical Illusion,” allowing individuals to see glimpses into the deeper aspects of life.
International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties
James has a unique ability to captivate and integrate illusion, elegant music, aesthetics and storytelling. James uses conjuring to express philosophy and adapt to different audiences. Some examples are the exploration of traditional, romantic, and classical art, Zen, Advaita, Western Idealism, Wu Wei, Wabi-sabi, Wazuma, Classic Edo, Tezuma and Onmyōdō. These are just some examples in James’ different performances, presentations, courses, lecturers and now on Zoom.
Zoom at the Theatre

“I must go beyond the dark world of sense information to the clear brilliance of the sunlight of the outside world”


His learned, philosophic, and scientific approach to the study of life’s phenomena has helped him to explore these deeper aspects. 

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When ‘de rigueur’, James now entertains guests using philosophy for fifty minutes on Zoom. He has created this process of art called ‘philosophical illusion’ and performs this at unique occasions when it is ‘comme il faut’.
James uses the art of conjuring as an instrument to compose the best philosophical experience. His conjuring and illusion reflects many ancient and fresh perspectives on different philosophies for universities, institutions and organisations. James’ style certainly resembles that of a Stoic sage. His presentation is based on the perfection of reason, intelligence and wisdom. An ideal person for Zoom or ‘social distancing’ events, talks and conferences. 
International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties

“A Magical Sage”

David Ellzey, best-selling author, coach, speaker, seminar leader, transformational performer, and expert on philosophical counselling.

At the core of his work is mindfulness and sophistication, using conjuring and creativity to enlighten and entertain, creating the best service that will help you with your ideas.
This enables James to express his art in a highly effective way.
James hosts these for many different event leaders and top executives.
James also holds regular Zoom events for a few or group of people at home or work and monthly on specific dates for large Zoom audiences. James shares his experiences and demonstrating the inscrutable phenomena which even the most learned scholars still cannot explain.



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