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“We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.”

H.G Wells

James apprenticed in magical artistry from the age of ten and as soon as he turned thirteen James became the youngest ever member of the Guild of Magicians.

During his teens he was also member of the leading education theatre company. He performed on stage and television with theatre and magical arts, together with winning prestigious awards.

British Champion

Just before moving into his twenties his success at the Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year Competition led to being invited to perform in front of 4,000 international magicians at the largest and most prestigious magic event and festival in the world where he received the title of ‘British Champion’ with the Young Magical Championships.

During James’ early and coming up to his mid twenties he won more prestigious awards at the largest organisation for magical arts in the world; the ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians’ for the entertaining act in magical arts.

He was also twice champion of the ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians Dittia Shield’ for the stage show with the best and highest standard of exceptionally skilled magical artistry.


He has toured performing at many prominent events and shows from conferences, royalty, corporate events, television, weddings, top hotels and theatres, including the Magic Circle’s most highly esteemed event of the year, their annual Christmas show.

James honed his skills even further by thoroughly studying all aspects of art, meditating in solitude, studying and working with theatre & television companies, universities, together with meeting and working with distinguished fellows in publication, creative arts, theatre and television.

He has been on a constant learning inquiry and throughout James’ twenties, nothing was more important than exploring the wisdom of life and how it integrates together with all its intricacies.




The term “philosopher” comes from the Ancient Greek (philosophos), which is the word for the “lover of wisdom”.

James has studied and been influenced in a diversity of ways by most of the volumes of psychological and philosophical teachings.

In particular, his artistic endeavour has been influenced by many different collections on the philosophy of perception, Eastern philosophy in Zen, Tao, Advaita and the independent Eastern philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. This together with studying cutting edge scientist, Professor David Bohm and also Integral philosophy.


The root of the word Magic is “Magi”, translated as “Wise Man”, a person who studies sciences, physics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and all aspects of life in order to have a positive effect on the environment and people around them.

James is deeply fascinated by the intricacy and elegance of classical art and how it relates to life with all it’s mystery. These so called artistic experiences could be described as a reverence to life.


He sees this apparent mystery as being rooted in authenticity and the depth of wisdom, which seemed to have predominately emerged in the ancient East.

He has also studied how western classicism and romanticism emerged out of this process but manifested in a very different way than the ancient East.

James has explored the ability to captivate philosophy and integrate it into conjuring, illusion, elegant music, aesthetics, storytelling and consultancy as a profound way to both express the essence of life and explore innovative solutions.


Over the years James has been studying life from many different perspectives, and this process has steered him towards creating a unique and acclaimed style of the art that he has coined ‘Philosophical Illusion’.

He has performed his show ‘In Search of the Miraculous! An Evening of Philosophical Illusion’ at many theatres and conferences across the world.

James David Parker speech

He now performs, presents or speaks at many theatres and conferences across the world.

James also performs close up magic mainly in London, Canterbury and often across the UK, Europe and internationally. This is fun, cheerful and graceful and perfect for a commercial setting.

He shares his experiences with demonstrating the mysterious and inscrutable phenomena that even the most learned scholars still cannot explain.

His unique professionalism, artistic perfection and philosophical insights have now created an internationally recognised status.

James believes magic is a serious art because it explores the foundations of human perception.




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