James is one of the few multi-award-winning magicians to be awarded testimonials from some of the greatest thinkers and artists in the world. He delivers expertly crafted performances, blending a philosophical manner with exceptional sleight-of-hand and mind-bending mentalism
James combines his high intelligence & natural warmth with a virtuoso presence. His work features a signature that combines traditional and contemporary performances into an unforgettable experience. All done with authenticity, elegance, & the quality of wisdom infused with a bohème style of performance.
He is en masse trained in performing arts & people see something incredibly unique about James’ work. They describe beyond the sleight-of-hand, behind the scenes, an exceptional presence, mesmerizing, awe-inspiring moments, & just like an experience of real magic.  
James has graduated with a degree in politics, a Master’s in international law, published in politics and law & has worked for NGOs & On Her Majesty’s Service.
James is classically-trained in conjuring and performing arts; and a self-taught method actor like Jim Carey & Ben Kingsley. He is one of the most sought-after performers for exclusive events.
James performed the composition of classical and contemporary art for some of the best events and people in the world. James has won the most prestigious awards at the largest conjuror conventions and the world’s largest organisations for magical and sleight-of-hand arts.
When you are looking for that something uniquely special, then book James

Global & Multi Award-Winning Conjuror & Mind Reader.

The Visionary of the Magical Experience.

The Transformer of Events.

One of the Best.


A Magical Experience with Intelligence and Sophistication.

James’ quality presentations and performances are based on the highest standards of professionalism guaranteeing his clients to be triumphant with the outcome of their events. James considers your event as much as you do.
One of the best entertainment choices for your exclusive & private event! He sets a quality that provides a matchless experience.
James is the choice for the most astute event organiser when booking for top organisations, fashionable venues, art exhibitions, weddings, and private events.
He uses his expertise and ability to appear with the presence of a real magician. James thinks and performs with the vision that there is more to the magical experience than doing impressive tricks.
His artistry makes magical memories that can inspire, innovate, & add even more transformation to your exclusive event, making your guests believe the impossible is possible.
Imagine a master conjuror who has a philosophical manner and the style of an English gentleman. James creates masterful sleight-of-hand artistry, magie nouvelle, theatrical conjuring, method acting, and mentalism.
At specific performance events, he performs what he has coined as a philosophical illusion. His artistry is the height of style, sophistication, and amazement for an exquisite experience.

Performing for Channel Four at the South Bank Centre.

James’ impeccable and incomparable talent is a visually stunning form of sleight-of-hand, acclaimed flair, and delivering an extraordinary performance every time.

The Leading Brand Performer & Speaker

It will make your customers feel captivated and say that they want to experience more with this brand. If you are in the business of giving customers a novel experience — a magical moment, then James is the archetypical and perfect fit for you.

Successful brands have a highly effective attraction to James and his sensational, inspirational, and imaginative art. Across your communication and collaterals, his art is expansive, eloquent, and stirring.

James has a personality that attracts brands who want their events to grow and be more influential and effective. He has been the featured close-up artist and speaker for top executives.

International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties

James is a great entertainment option for top brands. He can tailor his performance to meet the needs of the brand perfectly.

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