We will come to your institution, organisation or company on an arranged date and time, depending on niche requirements. Workshops are constructed to be effective for all different skills and talents. James and his employees are highly experienced in finding niche requirements for different professional disciplines.

Hello (One hour)

We introduce the key aspects of magical arts with a presentation on how art relates to key professional skills and perception development. We will then learn a fascinating conjuring trick with the activity of professional teamwork procedures. We will put together an outline on how these link to your developments using team brainstorming and team bonding. 

We will then explore one of James’ professional and award-winning conjuring routines. This will be reviewed after he performs and we will discuss our experience as the spectator. This will develop into a talk on how we relate to being a spectator with our perceptional process.

Fifteen-minute break to discuss ideas and drink tea.


Professional Practice (One hour)

The second part of the workshop will be based on stimulating the observation of your practice in presenting a trick. We will interpret how James designs a routine to create the experience needed to develop professional perception. The discussion will then lead to reviewing and understanding the premises of magic techniques in a way that relates to our professional practice. 

This workshop also connects to the professional practice courses within the college and university curriculum. A presentation will then be given on the leading experts throughout history. The presentation will look at our skill developments and how our professionalism integrates. 

Break for fifteen minutes or lunch for thirty minutes. 

Niche Skills and Improvements (One hour)

We will finally look at how you can use your niche presentation for your specific skill development. We will then ask who wants to present their routine to the group. This will fuse James’ success in award-winning artistry with your niche professionalism. This study will help you guide towards planning your future developments even more successfully.  

There will then be an exploration of the professional observation techniques that are taught within cutting-edge occupational psychology. You will then have the awareness of your developmental needs, skills, and professional interests to work towards a clear perspective, teamwork, effectiveness, and the best overall experience when you return to the workplace.

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