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James helps individuals expand their horizons with the ability to develop their insights into the philosophic. This approach may invoke effective changes in one’s journey for wisdom into ones life and work.

The process is suitable for people who ‘seek’ transformation in one’s life and are dissatisfied with their current but apparent limitations. Philosophic coaching focuses on your lived experiences and your interpretation of the world.

James also links the thinking process to the clients’ world to make sense of your processing, which will open clarity into what is causing the apparent limitations.

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He uses many philosophic insights to help clients discover conceptual issues in their personal and professional lives. 

Clients must be ready to examine and challenge their ideas and reasoning and explore an observation into their thought processes and how they relate to one’s life.

The primary aim is to ensure clarity and reasoning, philosophic observation, and an inside-out approach to one’s thinking. This coaching will entail mapping out the structure of thought, which can identify possible misconception and then clear insights. 

The journey has the potential to enhance the clients’ performance in the practical and apparent non-philosophical world.

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