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James has studied and been influenced in a diversity of ways by most of the volumes of psychological and philosophical teachings. In particular his artistic endeavour has been influenced by many different collections on the philosophy of perception and Eastern philosophy in Zen, Tao and Advaita. He has also been hugely influenced by the independent and foremost philosopher of twentieth century, Jiddu Krishnamurti. This together with the influence from the leading student of Einstein who became the twentieth century foremost quantum physicist, Professor David Bohm.

The whole developmental field of Integral philosophy has also been a pointer to understanding the changes in our historical and current collective thinking, together with our human evolution as a whole.

James did this studying alongside serious meditation in both solitudes or at retreats. The meditation became a variation between vipassanā (insight), awareness and zazen meditation.

This decision came from both holistic observation and the particular of the time and place. He spent time observing his mind and sensations, together with contemplating humanity, life and the nature of all aspects of the universe.

Distinguished Philosopher

James is deeply fascinated by the intricacy and elegance of classical art. This being rooted in the authenticity and depth of wisdom, which seemed to have predominately emerged from the East. He sees the ability to captivate and integrate illusion, elegant music, aesthetics and story telling as a profound way to express the essence of life. James has also studied how western classicism and romanticism also emerged out of this process but manifested in a very different way.

The term “philosopher” comes from the Ancient Greek (philosophos), which is the word for the “lover of wisdom”.

The root of the word Magic is “Magi”, translated as “Wise Man”, a person who studies sciences, physics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and all aspects of life in order to have a positive effect on the environment and people around them.

International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties
International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties

While studying for a Masters in International Law, including legal philosophy (Jurisprudence) at the University of Nottingham and after working for legal departments within organisations and then human rights NGO in and outside the UK, it was here where James managed to integrate his deep knowledge, extensive experience and earnest insights.

During James’ mid-twenties there was nothing more important than exploring the wisdom of life and how it integrates together.

This was a process of constantly reaching the farthest potential that appears beyond the rational in magical arts. He saw that this is the essence of art and for him it is the essential reason for being alive as a human being.

International Award-Winning Entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Parties

This whole journey during his mid-twenties created a new approach to magical arts. James started using conjuring as a tool to express creative thinking for people and organisations.

He also used magical artistry as a method to put together presentations on current affairs, political issues and global ideas.

His work in creative arts have been in harmony with his development of wisdom and integral thinking. James has incorporated psychology, philosophy, art, theatrical and magical artistry as part of creative change and effective thinking.

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