“Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.”

Nikola Tesla

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Performing for Channel Four at the South Bank Centre.

James can transform an occasion into even more of an unforgettable evening.

Ideal for weddings and corporate events. His art can be an intimate setting and a great ice breaker.

They are performed right in front of your eyes, no more than a metre away.


James backstage with the Kaiser Chiefs.

Take advantage of this opportunity to witness a truly remarkable talent. 

James has a ‘meet and greet’ quality, as an award-winning performer he engages and entertains guests at a highly successful level. 

We also have invite-only shows that are high in demand.

James hosts these for many different event leaders and top executives.

Get a chance to see James’s award-winning close-up, mix & mingle and table magic that he has been developing for over two decades from a young age.

James has won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards at the world’s largest conjuring conventions, festivals and organisations for magical arts. 

He entertains at top restaurants, corporations, exclusive private parties and leading hotels. James mingles with guests whilst they have a drink or between courses at their tables.

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Courtesy of, www.matissephotography.com

During your event be amazed by James’ highly skilled sleight-of-hand, prestidigitation*, and unique magical artistry.

After he will delve into feats of mystery that will create an impression in the minds of your guests forever.


Based on prestigiateur juggler, conjurer, derivative of Latin ‘praestīgiae’ meaning juggler’s tricks.

Leading the way in his twenties with cutting edge magic on stage and screen.
“On behalf of everybody at the James Milner Foundation we would like to thank James David Parker for entertaining our guests at the recent ‘What Happens In Vegas’ Charity Ball. The feedback we received was great and he is a superb magician and entertainer.”
Matthew Buck, Senior Director for The James Milner Foundation.
After performing for the England Football team and famous guests from both stage and screen at the James Milner Foundation Charity Ball.


“James created the most brilliant atmosphere at our wedding through his quite simply magical magic. He worked non stop for four hours and kept all ages, the cynical and naive alike wanting more of his enticing brand of magic. We were all agog with what he managed to do with a pack of cards, some hankies and a few squidgy balls. He worked the whole room and some 140 people so everyone got their own special show. It was fab, amazing and superb. Thanks James you helped add real magic to the best day ever.”
Jan King and Rob Stead, The Happy Wedding, www.thehappy.wedding
After performing for their evening Wedding celebration in Sandgate, Kent.



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