“A magician is only an actor – an actor pretending to be a magician.”

Harry Houdini

Artists Statement: The Miracle of Natural Wonder


My conjuror art defines an incomprehensible space to stand out from the ordinary-everyday life; there is a momentary glimpse into a mystery and amazement beyond the ordinariness. Our cognitive processes with my conjuror-art will entertain you as a moment of unique astonishment, a perception beyond the thoughts and feelings of possibility.

A process that creates appearances of the impossible brings together primary conditions into a complex formulation of miraculous surprise. It comes out of normality as the primal content and communication. I then exercise the ordinariness of elements in a way that appears spontaneously extraordinary.

My performance manifests from a process of rehearsed and organised creative intelligence and is strictly controlled and ordered into a professional structure of entertaining amazement. My work transforms the primary content into an amazingly contextual formation. Conjuror-artistry happens with the enlargement of the context by using the appearance of improvisation moment of non-contextual amazement.

It is predominantly a visual form based on my artistic training and familiarity. From a young age, I have developed into a skillful mastery, an extensive understanding of how the brain makes perceptions happen and profoundly felt.

It mirrors how the beauty of the natural world can affect our perceptual experience from an organised perceived structure. My art interacts with our conditioned understanding of the patterning of the unknowable, which uses the complex intersection of conjuring artistry.

Like the sun-set, the universal and natural world appears improvised and spontaneous materialisation. It is a self-organized art form. The natural world is so complex in its combination of energy that the physical process of unspecialised senses perceives as a misdirection of amazement.

Therefore, it is possible to see and feel this as a simple physical process coming from a reflection of the magnitude of complexity. All complexity appears as a simple beauty and amazement of primary elements. The immense power of nature seems paradoxical because it is two ends of one process.

Nature’s physicality is primarily ascendant, while conscious ordinariness takes a breath. Nature is so self-assured, a natural power between two different worlds or realities, in which the experience is very different.

My conjuror-art is like this because it can ‘create’ the reality that you experience within the context of outstanding entertainment. My ability to appear in the presence of a real magician essentially creates a ‘suspension of disbelief’ using the more precise philosophical term in literary fiction and aesthetics, a ‘secondary reality creating an internally consistent fictional world that makes ‘secondary belief’ with the audience possible.

It creates while using my professional and highly skilled expertise in the performing arts. It is the same as a mature method actor with magical effects appearing very real. A wise and rational person knows that so-called magic on both stage and close-up is not reality. The conjuror’s role at an event is to make the ‘suspension of disbelief/secondary belief’ immediate, sagacious, post-rational, and directly appear as reality.

This form of artistic creation is similar to when you dream, like ‘creating’ your life-like adventures. After my performance, it is like opening your eyes and seeing that it was just a dream, an awakening from a mesmerising dream, and now back in real life with the ‘Queen of Hearts’ or ‘King of Diamonds’ in your hand. You realise that the moment was you responding to a highly professional, extraordinary, and truly magical experience.

The ordinary aspects of our life seek the extraordinary, and people have two sides of the ordinary-extraordinary coin in their hands. We can achieve what is at the opposite end by flicking our coins into the air and alight!

My conjuror-art is like this particular blend of magic! It is created for the participant and audience to have a moment when the world is light. These bring about wow, amazement, and tears to the eyes of wonder. It restores laughter and gives a perfect composure to the world.

My conjuror-art is, on this basis for you, it is a demonstration of the naturally perceived world, like a mirage of amazement. It is about the convection of reality as a mirage-effect that turns one conditioned perspective into a phenomenon of ‘mirari’, meaning “to look at, to wonder at.”

It is how reality appears converted into the context of natural perception, and it mirrors how this coincides with the matrix of life.

Ultimately, when perception as normalcy is a momentary surpassed, there is no longer a sense of estrangement in the room – but only brightness, fun, and joy with your friendly-innovative community.

Copyright © James David Parker



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