Week 1: Hello

The MasterClass can be helpful for your own field of interest or for your team of professionals outside of performing magical artistry. At the start of the MasterClass, James will talk about what he wants you to gain from the experience.

James’ approach to magical artistry is unique and he explores the principles behind his method. 

He will then perform and deconstruct one of his routines with four key areas on how to go beyond simply doing conjuring tricks and into making the art an expression of the mystery of life.

Magical artistry is about making the moment memorable and James shows why it is important to conduct detailed research to create this memorable and amazing performance. 

For James, he sees detailed research as the way to make your performance better, it also increases the credibility with the audience.

Discover the ways James will approach the research process and how he connects it to his magical artistry reflectively and insightfully. This will move towards integrating the parts to create the whole.

Week 2: Creating a Crescendo

The monologue between you and the audience and the dialogue between you and the spectator should always move the routine forward towards a crescendo.

Learn how James chooses the right one, how to create an artistic and clear picture in a way that creates a sense of flow towards the crescendo.

The art of magic is always more than just tricks and great magic connects with meaning and impact.

Memorizing your routine with all its layers is the first step, James shows how to approach a new trick and bring life to it.

Week 3: Ordinary and Extraordinary

He uses a card routine to teach you the need to have an emphasis on impact. You will then look at ways to make a trick into a mystery and at the same time into something that reflects life.

We will examine the observation of the ordinary as a very simple activity.

James will demonstrate ways we can make the ordinary express the extraordinary, which can bring new life into a performance.

James discusses the need to ground a routine as a mirror on domestic activity.

He simultaneously explores the ways to open the performance into the mystery of life that is aligned with the ordinary. 

Week 4: Style and Substance

James’ insights will explore the best way to discover your approach. He will show the difference between knowing how to do a trick and knowing how to truly express it.

He will discuss with you the deeper perspectives of transcending the superficial, which can make the audience love your performance.

James will then examine the best way to critique your work and constantly improve your performance. 

He explains his techniques that generate new ideas and manifests the good ones. You will then explore the ability to see from the perspective of the observer and how you can transform their experience outside of your subjective position.

Learning to look beyond your perspective is crucial to be able to have awareness of your performance.  James will explain why we need the process of powerful metaphors and a subtext. He shows why learning about this part of the craft creates a timeless style in a way that audiences can relate to.

Week 5: The Audience’s Heart

James shares his best advice on reading the room and ways to win over the audience. The normal close-up event usually lasts for two hours, but James practices for four hours the day before. 

He examines different ways of implementing his plan to practice his artistry. 

James advises on keeping this practice fun to put in necessary mental labour. He starts a performance before he arrives at the event by learning a psychological process.

A great conjuror will make a stroke of genius look very ordinary. He shares how the techniques of mastering the practice of trial and error can lead to professional elegance. 

The lesson will go further into his psychological process and will teach you how to add the feeling of depth into your routine.

James’ technique shows how to hold and pull the audience, together with the best time to use your comic instincts and humour.

This lesson will give you approaches to keeping an open, creative and relaxed attitude that can capture your audience’s mind and heart.

James teaches you how to improve your performance in different ways by developing your character and expressing the storyline of a routine with deep meaning. This gives James the ability to go beyond just entertainment and into a mystery and insight experience. 

He teaches you how to build this instant connection and also how to trust your instincts.

This step towards relating to the audience is pivotal for a great performance. He shows you how to make your routine stay with your audience and also beyond the performance even after when it is a distant memory. 

Week 7: Clarity

James develops a comprehensive understanding that can get the audience’s attention straight away, and make them want more.

He shares his ideas on getting the audience absorbed from the start. 

James is well known for his philosophical approach to illusion and this is shared with you on his ability to take the audience through a unique journey with a clear and holistic outline. 

You will learn ways to perform close up in the company of others and how to evolve your magical artistry towards making their memorable moments. 

James will explore ways to deliver a magical effect that can allow the observers to see beyond their perspective.

Week 8: Fellow Human Beings

This final lesson is about getting outside of your thinking and uniquely using creativity. James explores how to know what is the right approach for you.

Getting into the right mindset is essential for making conjuring become a creative art.

The mindset is also needed to combine the secret of suspense with the development of a plot that can keep the audience wanting more.

He shows you how to manifest magic as a reflection on life and grounding your routine with clear intention. This creates new layers of misdirection that can add new depths to your performance.

Find out what James learned from his work in politics and law and the ways he uses it to create his magical artistry.

You will also learn ways to listen, respond and show magical artistry with a method that is about being part of the process of sharing. This is the essence of magical artistry, which creates a ‘truly special and unique moment’ for fellow human beings.

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